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When you think of product liability cases in Illinois, do you just think of products that break or fail, leading to injuries? For example, if you buy a car and the brakes go out, leading to an accident, that could be the basis for a liability lawsuit because the company that manufactured the vehicle had a responsibility to make it safe for you to use, which they did not do.

While these cases are common, it is important to note that broken products are not the only reason for liability cases. These can also come about because of a lack of warnings or improper labeling.

In many cases, these types of issues are linked to drug companies. They have a responsibility to warn you about the side effects of the drug. If it is going to cause you to be too tired to drive a vehicle, for instance, you need to know about that long before you get behind the wheel. If they keep that information from you intentionally or accidentally forget to put it on the label, you could be put in danger.

The interesting thing about this is that it revolves around the sharing of information, not a failed product. The drug may have worked exactly as expected, but you could still have grounds for a case if you did not know what to expect. This is why proper labeling is so important, and why all labels have to be reviewed.

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