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Placing A Loved One In A Care Facility Is Rarely Easy

The transition for your loved one may be less heartbreaking when the facility offers a high quality of care and a comfortable standard of living. Unfortunately, however, family members may later come to the horrific realization that the facility did not adequately care for their loved one. Residents are especially vulnerable to abuse and neglect due to their fragile health and, in some cases, their inability to speak for themselves.

Protecting The Powerless

If you find yourself facing the nightmare of nursing home negligence, contact O'Toole Law Firm, LLC. We can help you get answers about what happened and who was responsible. Our lawyer, John O'Toole, is committed to standing up for the powerless and vulnerable. He is not afraid to oppose nursing homes and health care institutions in pursuit of justice.

Identifying And Taking Action Against Mistreatment

Nursing home negligence comes in many shapes and sizes. The most common offending conduct includes:

  • Neglect: Inadequate care can lead to bedsores, bruises, falls, broken hips, malnutrition, dehydration and other health complications.
  • Inattention: Another form of neglect involves permitting patients, especially those with Alzheimer’s or similar conditions, to wander off the facility and cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Elder abuse: Sadly, nursing homes do not always carefully vet their staff. Employees sometimes take advantage of vulnerable residents, even inflicting physical abuse or committing sexual assault. The nursing home may be at fault for negligently hiring staff without looking into their backgrounds.
  • Unsanitary conditions: The absence of adequate safety and sanitation measures can take a drastic toll on the precarious health of residents, allowing dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections to flourish. The nursing home may be accountable for failing to maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Errors: Medical malpractice happens just as often in nursing homes as in hospitals and other care facilities. Medication errors – such as wrong doses, missed doses or wrong medications – are especially prevalent.

Many of these issues persist for months or even years before they are exposed. For that reason, it is critical to take action and enlist the help of an attorney whenever you suspect that a loved one has been mistreated in a nursing home.

Speak With A Compassionate And Skilled Attorney

If you are in the Chicagoland area, please call our office at 312-815-6330 or send us an email to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your family’s concerns about nursing home abuse and neglect with our attorney.