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Compensation For Your Injuries

When you are suffering injuries due to the negligence of someone else’s actions, you may have a right to sue the person or parties responsible for your injuries. You may be able to collect monetary compensation to pay for your medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, future wages as well as pain and suffering. However, pursuing this compensation on your own without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney can be difficult. A successful personal injury claim must not only provide substantial evidence of your injury, but proof that the other person’s negligence caused your suffering.

Personal injury claims are best handled by a knowledgeable attorney. Attorney John O'Toole has extensive experience obtaining the maximum compensation from responsible parties for his clients’ injuries. While your results will vary depending on the facts surrounding your injuries, call O'Toole Law Firm, LLC, today for a free consultation to discuss your claim involving:

  • Medical malpractice: Surgical errors, physician misdiagnosis, prescription mistakes
  • Hospital negligence: Unhygienic premises, overscheduling fatigued workers
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect: Bruises, bedsores, unexpected falls, broken bones
  • Health care professional negligence: Nurses, physicians’ assistants, dentists, dental hygienists and others
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Distracted or drunk drivers, poorly maintained roads
  • Commercial truck collisions: Unmaintained trucks, driver fatigue
  • Motorcycle wrecks: Speeding, bad weather, poor visibility
  • Workplace injuries: Falls from faulty equipment, falling objects, explosion burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, repetitive strains
  • Premises liability claims: Dog attacks, slip- or trip-and-fall accidents
  • Products liability matters: Dangerous or faulty products

“Personal injury” also refers to various classifications of torts that produce some sort of harm, including bodily injury. Some examples of such insurable harms include false arrest, malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, libel and slander.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Claims

When an individual suffers injuries or their loved one dies at work, they may pursue compensation for bodily injury under the state’s workers’ compensation system. State laws govern workers’ compensation claims and do not allow an individual to sue their employer directly for such injuries. However, there are ways to pursue others who may be liable through what is known as a third-party action. This sort of action follows the collection of workers’ compensation benefits and permits suing a third party who is responsible for all or part of a loss.

What Is A Products Liability Claim?

Products liability is the legal responsibility on the part of the manufacturer or distributor of products for sale in wholesale and retail outlets for bodily injury or property damage resulting from some defect in the product. A “product” can include containers, parts of equipment, as well as product warranties. It can also be a failure to provide warnings and other notices that local, state and federal governing regulatory agencies may require. Any company that puts a product in the stream of commerce may be liable for injuries a product may cause. Many losses are typically subject to indemnification under a commercial general liability policy.

Turn To A Leader In Personal Injury Law

At O'Toole Law, we are here to assist you to get the compensation you need whether for a personal injury, products liability or workers’ compensation claim. The substantive law pertaining to each will turn on the facts, but in any event, they require an advocate who knows the law and also how to tap into any and all available insurance coverage. This is where Attorney O'Toole helps. We serve clients throughout Chicagoland. Call our office at 312-815-6330 or send us an email to make arrangements for your free consultation.