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Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury And Products Liability

Workers’ Compensation

When an individual is injured or dies at work, he or she may pursue redress for bodily injury under a state’s workers’ compensation system. This is a system wherein statutory benefits are prescribed. They do not allow an individual to sue his or her employer directly for such injuries. However, there are ways to pursue others who may be liable through what is known as a third-party action. This sort of action follows the collection of workers’ compensation benefits and permits suing a third party who is responsible for all or part of a loss.

Personal Injury

“Personal injury” is an insurance term of art: It refers to various classifications of torts which produce some sort of harm, including bodily injury. Some examples of such insurable harms include false arrest, malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy, libel, and slander.

Both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims are those which may be pursued under the law. The substantive law pertinent to each will turn on the facts, but in any event they require an advocate who knows the law and also how to tap into any and all available insurance coverage – this is where the O’Toole Law Firm can help. The O’Toole Law Firm will also represent you in bodily injury situations such as the typical “slip and fall” and car accident case.

Products Liability

Products liability is the liability on the part of the manufacturer or distributor for bodily injury or property damage resulting from some defect in the product. The term “product” has been interpreted to include containers, parts of equipment, and product warranties, as well as a failure to provide warnings and other notices required by local, state and federal governing regulatory agencies. Any company that puts a product in the stream of commerce has this exposure. Losses are typically indemnified under a commercial general liability policy.