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Undervaluing Insurance Claims Is A Common Tactic

Undervaluing claims is a frequently used strategy that insurance companies implement to protect their bottom line. Another well-known course of action is to restrict potential defense and indemnity payments by issuing “reservation of rights” letters. Soon after filing a claim, you may be approached with a lowball offer. The insurance company may go to great lengths to make the offer sound promising. It may even engage in coercive tactics, pressuring you to accept a settlement before you have an opportunity to seek a second opinion. Often, this offer is nowhere near the amount your claim is actually worth. You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s offer. In fact, you should not accept a settlement – and give up important rights – without first consulting an attorney.

How To Dispute An Underpayment Of Claim

If you feel that your claim was unpaid, you have the right to dispute it, provided you exercise that right within the appropriate time frame and in compliance with the terms and conditions of your policy.

Turn to O'Toole Law Firm, LLC, for guidance. Our firm represents both business and individual policyholders whose claims have been undervalued throughout Chicagoland. We are earnest about protecting underdogs, and we are not afraid to challenge insurance Goliaths.

The Advantage We Offer: Insider Experience

We offer a unique advantage: Our insurance attorney, John O'Toole, previously worked as an insurance adjuster. He knows exactly how claims evaluators think, and he is familiar with the approach insurance companies often take toward undervaluing claims. Because we can anticipate your opponent’s strategies, we can work effectively to counter them and recover a fair amount.

At O'Toole Law, you will benefit not only from our attorney’s decades of practice involving insurance law matters, but also from his 30-plus years of insider experience in the insurance industry.

When you speak with an experienced attorney, you can expect to come away with a better understanding of your rights and options. We will evaluate whether you have grounds to dispute the underpayment – for example, through a bad faith or breach of contract claim. You can count on us for an objective and realistic assessment of your situation. To get started, call us at 312-815-6330 or send us an email to arrange for your free consultation.