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Risk Management And Reinsurance

Reinsurance is critical when it comes to risk management for underlying or primary insurance companies. However, the legal aspects of reinsurance involve numerous gray areas. Unlike the underlying or primary insurance industry, which is subject to strict regulations under Illinois law, reinsurance is largely unregulated due to reinsurers’ lack of privity with individual policyholders.

Most reinsurance disputes revolve around the terms of the agreement and accepted industry conduct and interpretation. Both treaty and facultative reinsurance agreements tend to be highly complex, and, a thorough understanding of insurance law, reinsurance law and contract principles is essential for successfully navigating reinsurance disputes.

Highly Trained In This Niche Area And Experienced In The Industry

At O'Toole Law Firm, LLC, we provide detailed legal guidance for reinsurance companies. We also represent them in disputes against ceding insurance companies. Attorney John O'Toole brings an exceptional breadth of experience to complex reinsurance issues. He is highly trained in this niche field.

As a former insurance adjuster, underwriter and broker with experience working for major insurers, he understands the nuances associated with this industry. We handle legal disputes involving all types of reinsurance arrangements:

  • Proportional reinsurance (including quota share and surplus)
  • Nonproportional reinsurance (including excess of loss, per risk, catastrophe, aggregate and stop loss)
  • Risk-attaching reinsurance
  • Loss-occurring reinsurance
  • Claims-made basis

Our insurance lawyer excels at analyzing and interpreting complex reinsurance agreements. We can determine whether the ceding insurance company has breached the agreement, and if so, we will develop a strategy for pursuing legal recourse through the courts, arbitration or mediation.

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Attorney John O'Toole draws from more than 30 years of experience in the legal and insurance fields to protect clients’ financial interests. For more information about our reinsurance practice, please call our office at 312-815-6330 or sends us an inquiry through our online contact form. We serve clients throughout Chicagoland.