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Employment Lawyer Chicago

Employment Lawyer Chicago is an exploding area in today’s litigation landscape. The driver of this legal action springs from a legally actionable discrimination basis. Examples of such discrimination include age, sex, race, ethnic or religious background, pregnancy and other protected classes. Many states, such as Illinois, have a human rights division through which an individual may initially pursue his or her claim. Assuming that various procedural hurdles are then met, the person may be given a “right to sue” letter permitting recourse to the federal courts. The hot-button issues today involve age, sex, and wage and hour claims.The O’Toole Law Firm is especially qualified to represent clients in these areas. Mr. O’Toole was not only an underwriter of Employment Lawyer Chicago Insurance (EPLI) but also a broker at the largest wholesale insurance operation in the U.S. who specialized in this and other bundled coverage lines such as Directors and Officers Liability, Fiduciary, Fidelity, and Cyberliability.

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