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Chicago-Based Litigation Law Firm

Passionate about making a difference.

At O’Toole Law, we believe that what we do matters. Why? Because your choice of lawyer makes an impact on the outcome of critical legal concerns and entanglements.

At our firm, you will find trusted and time-tested guidance. Lawyer John O’Toole combines well-honed litigation and appellate skills with a spotless record of integrity. His nearly 30 years of insurance experience distinguish him as a local leader in the profession who brings more to the table than just legal acumen. Learn more about us.

When your investment is compromised...

Both internal and external forces can undermine your business. Directors and officers of both public and private companies do not always exercise good judgment in managing investors’ money. They can be sidetracked by conflicts of interest, gross negligence, greed and lack of moral compass, resulting in economic losses to investors, including members of nonprofit organizations. Turn to O’Toole Law for experienced guidance regarding shareholder claims. Read more.

Led astray by a professional you thought you could trust?

Professionals earn top dollar because they shoulder tremendously important responsibilities. Yet when they fail to live up to their obligations, you – the client – suffer the consequences. Turn to our firm for advice on professional liability claims against professionals such as:

  • Attorneys
  • Real estate brokers
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Stockbrokers, investment advisers and financial planners
  • Software programmers and designers
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Engineers

Don't fight criminal charges alone

The criminal justice system is an intimidating forum to enter on one’s own. It is the equivalent to entering a minefield without the necessary military training. At O’Toole Law, we will not let you enter the arena alone. We will stand by your side to ensure that the government comports with the law. Additionally, we will do all within our power to protect your rights, and, see that close calls go your way.

Fighting for the underdogs against the insurance giants

Feeling cheated by your insurance company? We help policyholders enforce their rights to coverage. With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry – including working as an insurance adjuster, underwriter and broker – lawyer John O’Toole offers an insider’s perspective on issues such as breach of contract, underpayment, denied claims and insurance bad faith. Read more.

When those supposed to heal instead cause medical malpractice harm...

Nothing is more tragic than suffering irreversible harm at the hands of a health care professional. Negligence is all too prevalent in hospitals and nursing homes. At O’Toole Law, we are tireless advocates for justice. Turn to us for passionate legal representation in medical malpractice claims brought against doctors, nurses, hospitals and other medical organizations such as independent, assisted living and skilled care facilities.

Unparalleled experience in insurance and reinsurance

Having spent 30 years in the insurance industry, Mr. O’Toole is without parallel by other lawyers practicing in the insurance and reinsurance area – they just don’t have the industry experience. Lawyer O’Toole has previously worked closely with national and global reinsurers in arranging coverage for directors and officers, employment practices, insurance brokers and other professional lines. In addition to this lengthy insurance experience, Mr. O’Toole has received the Associate in Reinsurance Certificate (ARe) and is formerly a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and licensed insurance Property and Casualty (PC) wholesale broker.

Navigating the challenges of employer liability

Employment Lawyer Chicago claims (allegations of wage and hour violations, unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, cyber liability and the like) affect those in the corporate suite as well as employees on the lowest rung within an organization. At O’Toole Law, we handle all types of Employment Lawyer Chicago claims. Read more.

Free initial consultations. Flexible payment options. Available six days a week.

We make it easy to find experienced legal counsel. Call our office at 312-546-5057 or 844-636-2456 (toll free) to get the help you need. Conveniently located in downtown Chicago, Illinois, and easily accessible through public transportation, we are available Monday through Saturday. Contact us to learn more.